Digital markets operate on the information superhighway, and netizens are a very unpredictable group of people. Unlike the local market place, Online presence opens up new frontiers and exposes your products and services to prying eyes. One simple negative review can take on enormous proportions, and ruin your carefully cultivated brand image. In such a challenging environment, Brand reputation management becomes an inevitable requirement for both individual entrepreneurs as well as sizeable business organizations. Social Throb is a cutting edge Brand Reputation Management Tool in UK that focuses primarily on online searches, digital reviews, and social media communications.

Language is the key to communication, whether you are online or offline. Although textual content cannot convey tone or tenor, Language can still be very effective in making or breaking online reputation. The World Wide Web is very efficient and fast, and interconnectedness plays a very crucial role in brand creation and management. One negative comment or poor review can have a cascading effect on the entire global community, and break your reputation in a very short time. The solution lies in effective and prompt communication, and Social Throb relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to facilitate in-depth analysis, corrective strategy, and positive communications. These digital measures have a constructive effect and enhance the online reputation of a company’s brand image.

Social Throb offers considerable advantages over its competitors in building, monitoring, and enhancing brand reputation of online products and services.

  • Powerful Data Analytics

The internet is a global village, and Social Throb ensures a comprehensive analysis of global and local indicators for collecting relevant feedback on various products and services offered by the client. The global perspective can be very effective in comprehending various qualitative and quantitative trends in a very competitive marketplace, that is buzzing with enthusiastic reviews and talented reviewers.

  • NLP

Natural language processing applies the principles of computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics to analyze, comprehend, and summarize communication patterns. Highly accurate algorithms are employed to resolve product reviews into positive, negative, and neutral categories. Machine learning is applied to generate effective and logical solutions for enhancement of brand reputation

  • Review Monitoring Tool

Social Throb provides a highly reliable and cutting edge online review monitoring tool. The company’s products and services are reviewed by different types of professionals, and this results in conflicting reports. Multilingual sentiment analysis is performed by the tool to arrive at meaningful solutions that can be applied across the diverse digital landscape.

 Refined Search Strategies

Social Throb offers comprehensive Social Media Reputation Management services, which include predictive analytics and advance online search. The tool crawls the relevant websites, blogs, email messages, and social media platforms to perform a thorough search and collect valuable customer feedback.

  • In-depth Semantic Analysis

Positive and negative reviews waft across the web-o-sphere from different geographical locations. The reviewers speak different languages, and their sources range from professional experts to dubious amateurs. In addition, The language semantics, style, idioms, and expressions vary from one reviewer to another. All these factors are taken into consideration while performing a thorough sentiment analysis. Subjective information or polarity of a review is first determined with a high degree of accuracy. Subsequently, Social media opinions and online public trends are carefully applied to devise an effective digital marketing strategy for enhancing the brand reputation of the client’s company.