Social Media is an amalgamation of various technological platforms that enrich business, online communication, and audience participation. Audience participation in the form of comments system has become wide spread across various social media platforms such as YouTube and Blogs. In addition, Business web sites also require feedback, reviews, star ratings, and testimonials. Internet anonymity and distance provides safety and people can make or break reputations through negative online comments. In this precarious scenario, Social Media Reputation Management is not only necessary, but vital for business sustenance, and brand improvement or development.

Since the advent of Web 2.0, Customer and audience engagement has been given enormous significance by modern online advertisement gurus. The user-generated content in the form of a Face book “like” or negative product review has become a potent force. In addition, Online competitors are also very eager to outdo their opponents and negative marketing or planted news reports are also possible. Both the small entrepreneur and a large corporate house have been leveled by social media platforms. This is primarily due to the low cost of information dissemination using online resources. The negative side effects such as tarnishing reputations, planting bad reviews, and spreading low star ratings of competitors is also a reality. To overcome all these challenges, A smart and savvy business requires professional monitoring of all its online resources including content and feedback.

Media creation and sharing has become a child’s play, and there is no stopping the creativity of net savvy individuals. Whether it is a message board or a social news site, The online reputation of your company’s product or service is at stake. Negative comments and mocking tone accompanied by photos and videos have a powerful impact on consumer minds and choices. The effective solution is a strong reliance on technology, automated tools, and professional Online Reputation Monitoring. The professional monitoring services incorporate both social media and web platform related conversations, articles, user comments, and reviews. This kind of control over online data is essential as responses have to be prompt and effective. Digital marketing managers and analysts also rely on effective data control to improve product and service placement for enhancing customer satisfaction.

Some people tend to confuse monitoring with surveillance or invasion of their digital privacy. This is not true as technology based monitoring can be performed at different levels in a legitimate manner. Advances in artificial intelligence, and natural language processing techniques are leveraged by social media experts to enhance the brand reputation of a client company. The online reputation management tools and social media listening along with data analytics have many benefits.

  • Information travels fast on the internet, and social media users take “word of mouth” very seriously. Quick response to negative postings or unlike has to be equally fast and efficient.
  • Language is not everybody’s forte and miscommunication is all too common in the business world. Correcting the potential customer’s perception is paramount in retaining a loyal clientele.

Daily crawling of the web for negative reviews and comments has to be fast and efficient as managers require real time data for decision making.